Wednesday, April 27, 2011

remembering God's faithfulness

So much to say! I will start with something NONE OF YOU expect:

It was our second anniversary on April 11th. We were simultaneously amazed that it has only been two years (FOR-EH-VER) and shocked it's already been two years (didn't I just meet you?). As we were in the throes of getting ready to leave for Hawaii (we're back, it was great, I might discuss it more later), the day itself was pretty anticlimactic. We made pizza and drank very nice wine.

However, in the lead-up to the tasty pizza, I had to get ingredients from the store first. While there, shopping cart as empty as I could keep it while still getting the bare necessities, the woman in front of me in line turned and said simply, "I know you."

"Yep. You're Pam, you worked at Camp on the Boulder, and I usually see your husband Greg around town, but I never say hi because I don't think he'd remember me. I'm Addie. I might have been going by 'Adele' when you knew me. How are you?"

I felt like kind of an ass saying all that, but I truly didn't expect her to remember me like I CLEARLY remembered her. She agreed that Greg might not remember me, or might be too shy to ever say hello, I asked about their kids - they have four, the eldest of whom is named after a childhood friend of mine who died quite young from complications of Down's Syndrome and his heart. She hesitantly started, "And you have one child, is that right? I know your husband died before he was born." Her eyes were full of sincere love, and she was just the right amount of direct.

"Yes, his name is Blake, he's already SIX, I remarried, and we're all celebrating our second anniversary this very day."

I honestly think I saw answered prayer written all over her face before she wrapped her arms around me in a really good hug. We didn't linger, but it was absolutely a glimpse of heaven and a precious thing, to delight in this great big family God's given me on a day that has answered prayer written all over it.


Unknown said...

I love this! I was so touched many times after we lost our daughter, people would tell me (always after a particularly hard day) "You were on my heart yesterday, I was praying for you." I can't tell you how much those words and God's nudgings to their souls meant to me during those dark days!

Happy Anniversary! I am glad you had fun in Hawaii!


Noel said...

I really loved this story. It made me so happy. Plus, I'm always doing that to people...only I step it up (I tell them exactly how many times we've met and where and what we were both wearing. Then I realize that I'm making them feel bad and it's too late.).

Also, is there a cool story as to why you changed from Adele to Addie? Sounds like a good blog to me...

lanerdoo said...

I like this. I have made it a point to hug people more. Hugs are good therapy and it is hard not to smile when someone gives you a hug.
Yay for you both. I bet it was as good for her soul as it was for yours.

Gailzee said...

Happy Anniversary! Two!? Whew! Sorry for the exclamation points! I remember praying for you with your mom...we always said that God's timing would be perfect, and the guy would be of God's choosing and we just couldn't it has come to pass and it is marvelous in our sights...God bless you, and your family! We love you Ad, Adele, Addie!

Molly said...

This makes me happy. God is good.

Reese said...

Lovely blogpost from an equally lovely lady. :)

Lindsey K said...

I cried...God is faithful and good.