Wednesday, April 6, 2011

the perks of his presence

Rob had a hankering for baked goods the other night. I did not have any in the house, so he whipped up a pan of brownies studded with toffee bits and a tiny bit of caramel sauce that had lingered in the fridge.

They were delicious.

That same night, we used the aroma of brownies to motivate us to sweep and vacuum the house together, as a team.

Because we worked for them, they tasted THAT MUCH BETTER when dotted with mint chip ice cream.

The very next day, just after I had cleaned all the bathrooms in order to avoid having to do so on the weekend, I got a call for a showing in the afternoon. And because I had clean floors and bathrooms, with a pan of brownies on the counter, I enthusiastically said yes.

Here's hoping the young woman looking on behalf of her parents liked it enough to convince them from afar!

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Gailzee said...

This sounds like the one to me! I think God has a hand in this one....