Saturday, May 28, 2011

made in maui

I had to post this before I lost my nerve (again). I'm a little over seven weeks. We've known almost three weeks. Aren't you proud of me for keeping it fairly quiet? We're due the second week of January and everyone is pretty excited.

I do not have morning sickness, but afternoons can find me double-fisting ginger ale and a preggy-pop. There's a very short window between thinking a food item sounds good and actually preparing and consuming it before it no longer sounds good. I'm eating a lot of cereal and yogurt these days.


Janelle Wilson said...

You did it! You Myers girls are the picture of frightening fertility! Congratulations!

Schultz Family said...

Congratulations Bedford family! I'd give you a hug if I could but being as I can't, this will have to do. We're so excited for you guys. Best wishes!

Libbie said...


Now that is some impressive timing on getting pregnant, I can't believe the perfect planning! Congratulations, we are very excited for you guys! Dave tried to call Rob the other day at his old job to talk iPads. I hope he is enjoying his new job. Congrats again!