Saturday, May 28, 2011

yummy, except for the lizard

The food in Maui was top-notch nearly all the time. If something is "encrusted with macadamia nuts," that is what you want to eat, and you pretty much couldn't go wrong with the fish. Anything that fresh is bound to be delish. By this point in our trip, we'd hit all our high points that we really cared about, and all that was left was to make sure we ate at the restaurants we cared about. I was also aware that we had precious few photos of each other, much less the two of us together, so I got a little more intentional.

Testing the set-up of the timer, Gorillapod, and camera location.

We certainly LOOK like we're eating well...

This wine was very tasty. Our dinner this evening was at Cafe O Lei, and we recommend their lunch menu over the dinner one.

Regardless, look at how pretty this is! I got it and said to Rob, "This is too beautiful. I don't think I can eat it!"

Thankfully, I managed to rally and polished the whole thing off.

This excellent restaurant (green curry was tops) had a sign I couldn't resist snapping.

Kevin had a friend: Earl. He was much smaller, and neither he nor Kevin let me touch them. I'd usually warn them though: "Earl, you're holding so still... I'm going to touch you!" And then they scampered off in two shakes.

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Anonymous said...

Sadly the lizard shot reminds me of the summer I was tending YOUR lizard. :( RIP little guy!