Monday, May 23, 2011

nakalele blowhole

I've whittled it down to a mere 56 pictures. That still seems like a lot to me. Get ready for the flood o' photos over the next few days!

Aw, poor sunburnt man. SOMEONE needed a nap nearly every day. That hot weather and the crispy skin and the enormous bottle of rum we did our best to work through sure took a toll.

R: (gazing longingly at the convertible Mustang on the flyer) I have to ask... what would it cost to upgrade from our Ford Focus to this?
Thrifty Rental Guy: $66 a day.
R: Oh. Rats. That's actually pretty easy to say no to.
TRG: Tell you what, it's the off season... what do you say to half off?
R: Hmm... no. We're here nearly two weeks, and that's still nearly $400. I'm good.
TRG: You know... we have an awful lot of them out there. It would be good to have them seen on the road. What do you say to half off half?
TRG: (to me) What color would you like?

You can't tell from the editing, but I chose silver, ONLY because they didn't have any red.

The Nakalele Blowhole, a short hike from the alarmingly narrow road (which could describe many of the "off the beaten path" roads on Maui). It was fun to discover something new to me on Maui (everything was new to Rob!).

First puffs of spray...

... then it got serious. All this water just pumps up from the ocean, through a narrow tube/hole in the rock here. And you can't get too close because you could absolutely fall in.

What should I get?! Our celebratory anniversary dinner, at Maalaea on the Waterfront. They have a regular menu, or you can pick one of the types of fish they have that day and one of their many ways to prepare it. Opakapaka en Bastille is to die for. I was so full I felt ill when we left, but it was worth it.

The waiter took our picture, though none of them really turned out well. Oh well.

The view from the table. DROOL WORTHY. Plus the surf was high, so we got to watch surfers while we waited.

Good job, surfer dude.

It's like Hawaii was made for lovers!


Lindsey K said...

bring on the flood of pictures!I think you should also consider giving the Atari shirt its own blog...just a thought :)

lanerdoo said...

Hehe, Lindsey is funny! Atari shirt blog, genious! Way to haggle, getting them down to practically free, I'm proud of you! Also, I'm glad you didn't fall into the blowhole... that's what she said.