Friday, July 29, 2011

i can only be SO amazing

Yesterday went swimmingly. I want to take and post photos of my nearly-sparkly garage, but that would require getting said photos off the camera and onto my computer, and I've found that almost impossible lately. Mostly due to my laziness, because once they are on my computer, I have little excuse about editing them and posting them all over the internet. I like lots of excuses, so if they are stuck on my camera, I'm golden.

If they haven't even reached my camera, well...

I think you see where I am going with this.

Just wanted to let those who expressed concern that I was almost PERFECT with my cuss words. I think I said "crap-bag" at some point, in jest, which Chase absolutely picked up on. The only real slip of the tongue was when I burst out with "DAMMIT!" at one point when the boys were tearing down boxes.

What else was I supposed to say? I was holding and mulling a location for two oddly-shaped puzzle boxes. When one of the boxes slipped open and spilled about twenty pieces to the floor of my dusty garage, some falling beneath the freezer, some into an open (mostly filled) box of random stuff, I may have said "Oh, shoot!" But when setting the boxes down carefully and three or more of the OTHER PUZZLE'S pieces slipped out and mingled with the rest...

I think you see where I am going with this.

I now have two puzzles that may or may not be missing pieces. Those pieces may or may not be in the wrong box or still on the garage floor. And this wouldn't be so bad if they weren't puzzles from the same company, which is know for visually engaging pictures on the front (one is a bunch of visual puns on food - 169 puns, to be exact, and the other shows 25 different fairy tales/characters) and, oh, each is 1500 pieces. So I can't just take a day this weekend to whip them together and figure it out before I forget about this disastrophe.

Anyone want to come work a puzzle with me this next week plus? Bring a big table. My six-foot craft table ISN'T BIG ENOUGH.



Gailzee said...

Addie this exact thing happened to me last weekend while cleaning my basement!! I threw them ALL away! I just couldn't take it! I was already so fried and this little scene put me right over the top!

Noel said...

Throw them all away! That makes me and my OCD just a little crazy. Just start fresh, girl. I'll BUY you three new puzzles.

Grammie Perrine said...

Dammit, indeed!