Friday, July 15, 2011

some good news (finally)

!!! WARNING: Exclamation marks ahead. Seems fitting, since I like to think of myself as an exclamation mark personified. !!!

I heard back from the doctor! What's left in my uterus is simply a clot, not a "structure of conception," so no D&C is required! I just have to wait it out!

They want another follow-up ultrasound in six months for the cyst. However, we do not have to wait that whole time to try to conceive again (but we still need to wait 2-3 normal monthly cycles as recommended post-miscarriage)!! The nurse said, "Call us to schedule the ultrasound in early December, but hopefully we'll see you before then for a prenatal visit."

HURRAY! I'm relieved, I'm grateful, I'm cheered! I've permitted myself disappointed and frustrated tears in the last few days (you may not know this, but I rarely cry out of sorrow any more), and prayed that God would use this waiting somehow for His glory so that it didn't feel like a waste of my time and heartache. I think His purpose is developing my patience, for I unwittingly prayed for that a few months back.

Mental note: that was stupid!!

However, I can handle this kind of waiting. I've done all I could do on the condo; it's now fully out of my hands and into the underwriters' and buyers'. We also got good news on the dues, so if the closing is delayed again, Rob and I aren't just up shit creek without a paddle (or $1000+).

What a great way to start the weekend!! I think I'll have some ice cream!


Dave and Kasey said...

Yay for no D&C! Those are terrible. Trust me, I know from wa too much experience!
And a huge yay for ice cream. I might need some too. :)

MarcyK said...

That's good news! As for the recommendation to wait 2-3 cycles before trying again after a miscarriage, well, we tried to wait, too, but weren't very good at natural family planning :) I was preggo again before getting through the next cycle. As I've read in articles since then, the few months after a miscarriage can be a time of increased fertility. Just so you know :)

Joyful Momma said...

This is wonderful news. This goes against the "best advice" from your dr, but I got pregnant with Nora just 6 weeks after my D&C. I hope these next 2-3 months just fly by for you :)
Blessings dear friend!

lanerdoo said...

WOOHOOOOOOO! I like the 2 comments on getting pregnant post miscarriage/D&C against Dr. orders. I love the Docs I know, but the other ones can take a flying leap. They have to be overly cautious so that they don't get your hopes up. I think you will be joining me in no time, and maybe this 1st trimester will be a breeze cause your hormones are already geered up :)

Jamie said...

Oh Addie. Not only do I love you ("I like to think of myself as an exclamation mark personified"), I am so very, very pleased and glad for you! Hooray Jesus! Hooray for sorrow/frustration lasting for a night and joy and ice cream in the morning (or on the weekend)!

Heather said...

You are an exclamation point personified!!! And such good news re the d&c. Addie-elle -you amaze and inspire me! L!O!VE! Y!O!U! :) xo!