Saturday, July 16, 2011

today's mail

I'm so excited to get part 2 so I can wear the matched set. The front is a retro floral design. It first made me mad: "Who put a dirty shoe in my mailbox?!" Then confused: "Wait, only the postman can put things in there." Then it made me laugh. Hard. Then that made me cry.

Guess I'm still hormonal!

*Update: original photo displayed the full address. Then I checked on things and saw how many people have gotten to this site this week based on a search of just my name and thought "best not make it TOO easy."


Addie said...

It's so good to be cared for by friends in new and unexpected ways.

Molly said...

It just occurred to me that if you were to, say, injure an ankle in the next few days (pre part 2), you would be in great shape, shoe-wise. As long as you hurt your left ankle. Not that I'm wishing you ill AT ALL, I hope you keep full use of both your legs, but do keep that in mind in case you tragically trip in the next few days. Because it would be a shame if you were only in need of one shoe and you ended up splitting up a pair of them.