Sunday, August 7, 2011


Shark Week!

I'd like this sleeping bag. If nothing else, it's an ice-breaker and conversation piece. I wouldn't even have to sleep in it. If there was a lull in a dinner party (and let's face it: not likely at MY dinner parties!), I could just whip this baby out and bask in the laughs and envy.

In honor of Shark Week (last week), this is how the Discovery Channel decked out one of their office buildings.

Star Wars!

I could totally make these with Blake. Thing is, Otter Pops don't last long enough to do much more than say, "Look! I used one of the lightsaber handles! Oops, already finished my Otter Pop."

Rob appreciated this one enough to make it his avatar in chat. We are huge nerds. Yes.

Other Stuff!

A better batch of school supplies, but for the fact that I'm sure you cannot touch them or they would break. Either that, or your hand would glow for hours afterward in the awesomeness of handcrafted wax art. Someone was really REALLY bored creative.

Rob thinks this is sexist, but I told him that no matter how good he makes it, Ramen is still, well, RAMEN.

I will reserve comment, having been sold over to the Dark Side of Mac user.

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Jamie said...

The only thing funnier than the shark sleeping bag is this one (though this one is more obscure... and perhaps slightly more disturbing):

And F=MA for the win. Oh yes.