Tuesday, August 16, 2011

working office-free

  • Distracting because of the people.
  • Internet is blazing fast.
  • Coffee is excellent.
  • I must make the coffee myself.
Barnes & Noble
  • Distracting because of the people (HOLY CRAP!).
  • Internet is piddly slow.
  • Coffee is terrible but made by someone else.
  • I have to pay through the nose for the terrible coffee made by someone else.
I may try working from home from now on instead.

1 comment:

lanerdoo said...

Or, you could get a good coffee made by someone else, say at the Daily. And then, you could go work in the college library and pretend you are studying. Not only will you be role playing, but you'll be working and maybe it will make it more fun because no one else will know!

Random. I know.
p.s. my word verification is "untie", since role playing is already out there :)