Sunday, September 25, 2011

for the curious who won't ask

Nope, we're not pregnant yet. My silence on the subject doesn't necessarily mean that we are. I wrote a longer post just now that was WAY TOO MUCH information for all but a very few friends, so suffice it to say that my body is still working out what normal looks like.

This could take a very, very long time.

HAHA! It's funny if I say it, but mean if you do. And still, marvel at my restraint. I do have boundaries!

Right now, I'm trying to see it as each month God makes us wait is one more month of time: time with my job (in a time of transition, this is a big help!), time to help with the house without feeling ill, time to travel to an important graduation in May without risking labor and delivery half-way there. As one friend put it, no matter when, the time will be just right. She's a voice of wisdom for me, for she was barren for two years after her miscarriage (after two healthy kids and even with fertility treatment). It was really difficult for her. She's now well into her second trimester and sees how any earlier would have been too early. So that's how I want to see it: not as I think the timing is right, but as God sees the timing is perfect. He's much better at this sort of thing than I am anyway!

My new mindset might not keep me from taking pregnancy tests, though.

Just in case.

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