Thursday, September 29, 2011

*UPDATE * a bit pathetic

I need help. 
I'm rather ill, alternately coughing up a lung or blowing my brains out via my nose. I got B to school, then slept until after 1:00 pm today, missing half of his Fun Run in the process.
The owners of the condo are coming by with their parents tomorrow afternoon, and it's definitely looking "lived in" at the moment. 
Can anyone help with taking B or just tidying or even feeding us? 
I ordered pizza. A friend is taking B tomorrow after school. Another friend came by to help with bedtime and tidying up. I've been diagnosed with an airway infection and am now on heavy antibiotics and an inhaler (which makes me jittery). I'm to double my intake of water (it was already good) and get more rest.
I slept until 1:00 PM today after dropping Blake off at school. Not sure how much more I can actually get, but I'm willing to try. Those naps won't take themselves!


Joyful Momma said...

Addie!! I wish I had seen this sooner. I am a great cleaner and I love to cook. Please text me next time. I am more than happy to help.

gailzee said...

Sorry to hear you're
Sending you well wishes and praying for a healthy respiratory system!
Love to all of you!