Wednesday, November 16, 2011

grateful for... progress

Beautiful slate entry. Door is not yet ready for public use.
Or any use, really. It's nailed shut.
The built-in bookshelf in my office (where Blake will get his own computer).
Blake's bathroom. This is likely as clean as it will EVER be.
True story, from the woman who sat in what he left on the
toilet seat he chose not to lift earlier tonight.
Boys are SO GROSS.
Upstairs guest bathroom, where you will probably be
showering when you come to visit and play with us!
Rob's built-in shelf for books/Blu-Rays...
.... or IS IT?
Dining room, with a door leading to the back deck.
Kitchen, pre-counters and pre-appliances.
Apparently I need to clean my camera lens.
The giant spacious living room! It's under all that building crap.
I think I see our dishwasher and stove hood too.
The spot for the wood-burning stove that I am SO looking forward to,
once the insulation that fell from above is cleared out.
Master bathroom. We picked the granite for here today, and I
must admit, I was pretty laissez-faire about it. Was shown one
color that was big enough for the counter and said "Yes, I'm
sure that will work just fine. Can't bring myself to care
more about it at this point."
The big old master shower, with a bench
and room for two. ;)


Sharon said...

So glad for your growing family, Addie! I know your gift of hospitality will be well used with these digs;) I'll settle for re-doing living room floors this winter --- but keep dreaming about a remodel in the next year...or two...or three.

Molly said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!