Friday, November 18, 2011

grateful for... sick days and cozy pants

November 17

A day with my fellas yesterday. We were all sick, with either a migraine (Rob), sore throat (me), or a low fever and a nasty cough (Blake). We never ever EVER get a full day together. Rob's days off don't coincide with mine or Blake's, so while I see a lot of Rob and a lot of Blake, the three of us are only together in short, sweet bursts.

Even though we were all a bit under the weather, it was really nice to be together, having cocoa or tea, snuggled up in various ways. Blake was playing Wii when Rob was able to rally himself out of bed, and Rob just grabbed another controller and they beat levels and had a great time together. Blake was out of his mind happy, Rob got a bit of a gaming fix, and I loved watching them develop a hobby together. It was a good day.

November 18

Jammie pants. These ones right here. >>>
I might live in them for the rest of my life, which means I either need another pair, or I should do laundry slightly more often. Technically, they are yoga pants, but that's an awful lot more like "work pants" than "jammie pants."

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