Wednesday, January 25, 2012

a little bit of this, a little bit of that

* I think of bananas as primarily vehicles for Nutella delivery. Or maybe as necessary ingredients in banana-mocha-chocolate-chip muffins. Nothing more.

* My erratic and vague pain seems to be subsiding, with the onset of insomnia! GOOD TIMES! I was waking at about 4:00 or 4:30 every morning, not alert enough to get up, but alert enough to know I wasn't asleep and plenty annoyed by that. I tried to make better choices about my bed time so I'd get more sleep (I usually tuck in around midnight), but it turns out that 4:00 am isn't the magic number. Four hours of sleep total is! After a 10:30 bed time, I woke up at 2:30! I'm continuing to try various things to help me get more good rest, because dropping B off at school and coming home to nap fitfully until noon just isn't cutting it. Neither is passing out cold at 3:00 pm for a few hours.

* Blake lost another tooth! He would love to drop more, but those that remain are not loose, and he declined my offer of a knuckle sandwich to move things along.

* I have a post percolating about a suffering friend and how privileged I've been to walk with her on this road (privileged is a weird word for it, but it really fits best for how I feel about sharing that part of her life), but the insomnia makes whatever insight I have into that process fuzzy and elusive right now.

* Lane should be having a little baby girl at some point today, which is very exciting. Also exciting: I'm very nearly done with the blanket I made for baby Laundry Perrine. And my baby is right now kicking me in a place that feels suspiciously like my own bottom.

* Blake is nonplussed by the name "Marilla" and has put forth his own suggestions: "Sally" if it's a girl, "Chopov" if it's a boy.

* I should have some super-cute family photos to get together for our Valentine this year (might be more of a "Happy Flag Day!" card though, because we're even later than last year!), that includes all three of us in Rob's hammock. We only broke one cord and did not all come tumbling down, which is good. Rob had Matt (our builder/brother-in-law) put 4x4 blocks in between the studs in the office so he (Rob) could string his hammock up there. Just yesterday I went up, expecting to see Rob with headphones on, only to spy an empty chair. I finally found him passed out cold in the hammock. Poor honey, he's had a LONG week.

* Root beer floats are my dessert of choice this week. Jimmy Dean microwaveable breakfast sandwiches are getting me a solid shot of quick protein in the morning, and I ate salad again! Twice! Hurray! I hope to start putting on weight for baby's sake soon, and the half a pan of fudge I've had in the last two days should help. I also plan to switch to whole milk and may begin rubbing butter on myself. Osmosis and such, right?

* Finally, I leave you with this: the magic button. Go ahead. Push it. It's magic!

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gailzee said...

Dear Addie, I have tried to leave several comments in the past and for whatever reason they don't print. So here I go...first of all, I punched the magic button and laughed and showed some Rocky kids that were hanging out around my office...of course we all laughed and loved it! I am happy to hear that you are feeling better and able to enjoy at least some foods again...I really look forward to reading about what's going on in your pretty little head and I love that you and your boys are always up to something silly!
Seriously, I would love a hammock in my office! Good times! Pray you sleep tonight!
Saw baby Audrey! She is beautiful! What a darling little bundle!