Saturday, January 28, 2012

foooood, glorious foooooood!

I unpacked a box last night (while watching Parks & Recreation - Leslie was having a Belgian waffle and I was looking for my waffle maker), and I discovered my stash of cookbooks.

I had saved out a few classics that I (rarely) referred to, or bought one or two since thinning out the condo, but the assortment I rediscovered last night is a veritable treasure trove of good eats, ranging from comfort food and hot dishes from the high plains of Plentywood, Montana and the remoter corners of British Columbia to fancy, schmancy meals prepared at the Chico Hot Springs Resort or recommended by a collection of gourmands from Alberta, Canada. Throw in a Cake Mix Doctor, a thick Williams-Sonoma, a few books catering specifically to cooking with kids, a smattering of recipes that come with various cooking tools (KitchenAid, Crock-Pot, Weber, Pampered Chef, and DeMarle), and that's not even all of them, and I'm going to be WORTHLESS today.

I'm already plotting a gorgonzola/apple quiche, a cinnamon/vanilla bread pudding with a bourbon sauce, and individual egg/cheese/green chili bakes, and Rob's eager to pick a few to try for the grill and the slow cooker.

Essentially, the next grocery bill might make me faint, BUT IT WILL BE SO MUCH FUN! Who wants to come help me cook and eat?!


MarcyK said...

I think I need to start making bread puddings. One thing about traveling for the last couple of months is that I haven't had a chance to make any new recipes. That gorgonzola/apple quiche sounds amazing!

Lindsey K said...

LOVE Parks and Rec.....seriously come cook me dinner! :)