Monday, March 19, 2012

thoughts, not fears

Despite the post below, I AM able to cope and function really very well. It's only those brief moments of nonactivity that my imagination runs away with me. Please know, dear friends, that I am not living under a shadow of fear. I'm rather furiously, unapologetically happy most of time, truth be told, but especially after a hot shower.
  • Spring break ended with a colossal snow storm, naturally. We're still in Bozeman, after all. 
  • At least during a break in the storm, I saw my first robin of "spring" today! It even snagged a worm from an exposed portion of windswept dirt yard.
  • I am deeply suspicious of otherwise delicious-looking concoctions by Breyer's. There are some varieties that look like they are on super-steriods of delectability, but if you look closely, they're called "Frozen Dairy Dessert," not "Ice Cream." Now, I didn't work at two different ice cream stores one summer for nothing (people thought I was twins): I have standards. I don't put "Frozen Dairy Dessert" in my shopping cart or in my mouth. Neither should you.
  • I'm pretty sure that Fudgsicles are not "Frozen Dairy Dessert," but something too delicious to categorize adequately. 
  • I visited my electrolysist today, in my now year-long effort to eradicate stray hairs from, uh, places (like my chin). Based on the lack of sprouting in the six weeks since I was last in, she declared that I'm having a girl. Because I'm so comparatively less hairy. I'm not sure how to feel about that.
  • Tomorrow includes a glucose test (with a sickly sweet beverage that I have to guzzle in fewer than five minutes, but at least I can have it on ice and with a straw) and a doctor's appointment. I plan to bring up my suspicion that I have a stealthy UTI, because I don't care how pregnant I am, I'm tired of having to go to the bathroom ALL THE TIME. Braxton-Hicks contractions are also occurring with more regularity than I remember with Blake, and this time, they hurt. Being pregnant at 32 is not the same as it was at 24, I guess.
  • Rob, Mr. No-Feeling-in-His-Palms, had a hand on my side a few days ago (at my insistence) and kept stubbornly not feeling anything until he suddenly jumped back as if burned. "OH WOW, I FELT THAT!" he said, as I winced "PUSH BACK ON IT, THAT HURTS!" and pressed down on the angular elbow or heel that apparently wanted to free itself from my abdomen.
  • I've hit the ice chewing stage of pregnancy. Rotten ice at the end of a cold glass of water is so good to me right now! I alternate between wanting to jump into the icy glass for the refreshing jolt of cold or crawl on top of our wood-burning stove to bask in the warmth.
  • The take-away: pregnancy is such a magical time. Our bodies are so weird.

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