Tuesday, April 24, 2012

he's recovered, but we still have a phone date

We got to host Dan and Erin from Calgary this past weekend! It was delightful - they arrived Friday early evening and left Monday afternoon, so the visit felt substantial and good, not rushed. Though I was originally concerned when I learned they were vegan (and have been for years - where the hell was my head?!), not only were they really gracious about it, it was easy to accommodate. We even went out for pizza the first night.

I wasn't TRYING to be snarky by ordering the "Carnivoro," it's just what looked good to my baby-belly-eyes.

Blake was in heaven. He and Erin (whom we call "Ernie," a throwback to what I always heard big Blake refer to her as, from when HE was small and had a hard time pronouncing "Erin") have a special bond. They just love to soak each other up. He made her breakfast one morning, and I don't think she had the heart to tell him that Eggos didn't fit her eating plan (See what I mean? Gracious!). We hit the park, visited the Schuylers, ate REALLY well, shopped, bottled and made beer, enjoyed the sun on the back porch, and pretty much just had an all around good time. Rob and Dan hit it off especially, and Rob's been sending Dan photos of the dark beer they concocted together. They might plan a summer trip back down to both meet the baby and taste this dark brew that has to age for a few months.

I came to Blake's room this morning to find him sobbing on the floor, still in his jammies. "I just miss Aunt Ernie so much," he said between deep gulps, as I pulled him onto what little lap I have left and stroked his back, trying vainly to comfort him about when we'd be able to visit them again. The only effective distraction from his heartache was when the baby began gently kicking his back and head.

Being an only (lonely) child is for the birds.

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gailzee said...

How sweet to have such a warm and loving relationship with Erin and her husband. I love that. I love that little Blake is so tender and has such a huge heart! His baby sibling wanted to reassure him too!