Thursday, May 31, 2012

buying time

As of yesterday, I am officially 38 weeks along, which means that from here on out, this baby is a FREELOADER. I'm full term, baby's fully grown, everything's only going to get bigger from here.

My sweet momma missed seeing her uncle by an hour, but she got to love on and support her aunt and cousins almost immediately after he died, and I'm so glad that she can be there for them during this time. In fact, I filled out my hospital preregistration paperwork and will continue to fine-tune my labor and delivery bag, in the hopes that it buys us another week or two of baby not arriving (that is, of baby FREELOADING).

We finally have both names picked out, barring baby arriving and being clearly NOT what we've chosen. I don't know how that works, but I assume it could happen. I'm not so foolish as to put the names out here, where cowards with anonymous opinions can poop on our parade (and if you're going to poop on my parade, do it to my face so I can stab you in the neck, m'kay?), but it feels good to have that semi-settled.

I'm getting everything sorted for work and some other commitments I have so that my prolonged absence goes smoothly, and my nesting is down to little niggly stuff: taking the recycling in, using up the rhubarb in my freezer so the fresh stuff can be picked and used (two pies so far this week!), deciding on colors I will eventually paint walls (a silvery grey in our bathroom, but I'll have to paint the ceiling too - UGH), and looking achingly at our dirt-and-mud yard and wanting desperately to be a part of transforming it, but that will have to wait until I can bend down without falling over.

So there you go. More of you think this child is a velociraptor than a boy, which cracks me up. Rob's pretty sure he could handle a velociraptor more easily than a daughter anyway. I'm not sure he's fully thought this through...

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