Saturday, May 26, 2012

odds are good

My sweet mother called to let me know that she's leaving the state this coming week. Her reasons are good and pure (her uncle is swiftly failing, and she wants to see and love on him and her aunt before he passes into glory), but the fact remains that my mother will be halfway across the country for six days immediately prior to my due date.

My doctor is part of a group practice where whomever is on call delivers the babies that insist on coming at night or on weekends. Despite this, in his compassion for me and Rob and our situation, he's told us that he intends to deliver our baby even if he's not on call. He did warn me, however, that he'll be out of town this coming weekend, for three days.

On the one hand, maybe both are sneaking away before baby Bedford comes with plenty of time to get back because I'll run right up to or past my due date, no worries!

On the other hand, I'm fairly sure I'll go into labor next Saturday.

Off to pack my bag now. Just in case.

(I was instructed to pack, by the way, despite being three weeks out at the time. I'm one centimeter dilated, and though I can walk around like that for a month with no further progress, Dr. Luke also said that, this being my second delivery, I could come back at 10:00 pm seven centimeters dilated. And then I started hyperventilating.)

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Stephanie said...

I just find it easier to not believe anything the doctors say about when the baby is coming and add a week and a half to my due date. Then no one is disappointed. In theory... Hope baby comes just at the right time.