Sunday, May 13, 2012

oh, motherhood

Happy day to mothers of all kinds, with especial love to those who hearts yearn for motherhood and are as yet unfulfilled. May this post bless you all as it blessed me today!

Momica: I'm constantly striving to be as fun and engaging and creative as you are ALL THE TIME, even when I can only muster five minutes at a stretch. I love you. I also love that you have a name that so easily becomes an affectionate nickname.

Nonna: Your sweet spirit and abounding generosity are an encouragement and challenge to me daily. Thank you for your enduringly patient son.

Grammie Gee: I'm grateful for your kind thoughtfulness, especially to Blake, who loves you passionately and misses you terribly.

Grammie Patsy: Your steady practicality and no-nonsense love make my heart beat faster, both because I can be so impractical yet no-nonsense as well. I appreciate you!

To my sisters: I love our relationships, and seeing you grow in grace and beauty and wisdom as mothers is such a privilege. I never want to take our closeness for granted, for what we have is rare and precious. I love you and all your little monkeys (with one girly angel thrown in) to an alarming degree. Thank you for your indulgent affection for me and MY monkey plus the anticipated biscuit. Lane, never call said biscuit "herm" again, you stinker!

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Grammie Perrine said...

Lovely Mothers Day first I thought they were FROM the mommies in your life ...such sweet words... You should be a writer........oh YEAH. That's right, you ARE!