Thursday, May 10, 2012

nashville by the numbers

3 - Bedfords traveling.
5 - Days we were out.
1 - Checked bag (HOLLA!).
80s - Temps in Nashville.
40s - Temps in Bozeman. We got off the plane upon return and all sighed in relief. "This is what I've grown used to," Rob said. "THIS is what May should feel like: cool and dry."
81 - Dollars spent on a screaming deal I got for a rental car (I also spent points from a card we don't use any more).
149 - Dollars the rental agent tried to get Rob to believe were required additional insurance. I assured her we were okay paying personally and being reimbursed by our (excellent) car insurance in the very unlikely event of an accident and requested she remove the optional charges. She turned to Rob and said, "Mr. Bedford, are you sure this is something you want to decline? It really matters for you since YOURS is the name on the agreement." My eyes widened as she essentially put herself squarely between me and my husband, and I quickly turned and walked to a garbage can to throw something away before I said things we'd all regret. Rob assured her that if I said no, he said no too, and she was quite cold to us for the rest of the transaction.
0 - Rental car lady.
1 - Addie.
1000+ - Square feet in the room at the resort we stayed in. Blake was disappointed because it was small like the condo. Rob and I were amazed because it was huge and wonderful and the place we all hung out all the time because THERE WAS ROOM! Plus, there was a working ice maker. I didn't have to hoard the ice like Gollum guarding his precious. It was amazing.
1 - Hooding ceremony we attended for the new doctor in the family! Congrats to Dr. Auntie Bip!
15 - Minutes we were late to said ceremony.
50 - Squeaky steps we traipsed down to reach our seats. I had to cover my mouth to keep from giggling as each step proclaimed "We're. Late. We're Late. All. Eyes. On. Us."
0 - Graduation ceremonies we attended. Dr. AB graciously released us from the formalities for the sake of our kiddo. And probably my bladder.
35 - Weeks along. I reached this blessed milestone in Tennessee, y'all.
0 - Belly stretch marks displayed when I went swimming in my new green bikini (but don't worry: I got all my stretch marks on my hips in 5th/6th grade from growing too quickly), because I inherited this benefit from my momma. Loves you, Mom!
innumerable - Bathroom visits by the pregnant lady. There were times I would get just outside the bathroom door and feel the urge to pee AGAIN. I reached a point where I truly believed my bladder was a lying bitch. Urination as hobby: not awesome.
1 - Visit to the LEGO store. Blake was in heaven, with Rob a very close second.
1 - Chick-fil-A meal.
10+ - Times I wish we had eaten Chick-fil-A after that first time. YUM.
5-10 - Ice cream stops.
100+ - Times I requested ice cream.
2 - Wins for Addie at Settlers of Catan.
400+ - Times Blake used the phrase "actually quite" during the trip. "This is actually quite fun." "We're actually going quite fast." Pretty sure he gets "actually" from me, "quite" from Aunt Erin.
1 - Time we swam. Blake insisted on the indoor pool because of all the tiny bugs floating on the outdoor pools. Despite a lightning storm torpedoing our plans to swim again (Who knew they shut down INDOOR pools during an electrical storm for fear of a building strike then reaching the pool? Seems like something the Mythbusters should test...), swimming was his favorite part of the whole trip.

Vacations just got a TON simpler for the Bedfords. We could rent a room at the Ramada off 7th and just use their tiny waterslide. Blake would be none the wiser and happier than a clam.


lanerdoo said...

excellent. I especially like the rental car part...really lady? She obviously doesn't know you or she wouldn't have been so dumb. Sounds like fun, fun, fun except for all of the peeing. The miraculous part about that is how immediately that issue is resolved upon delivery. Who new I could hold 32oz?! ewwww

Anyway, glad it all went swimmingly ;)hahaha I'm so punny.

Grammie Perrine said...

Not sure what Settlers of Catan is... But totally in agreement about the pool and slide thing...ALWAYS GO,for a pool and a slide ...ALWAYS!