Friday, May 18, 2012

that's what he said

B: I just love that Spiderman song by Eric Smith.
A: Who?
B: Eric Smith.
A: OH! You mean Aerosmith.

B: (putting ice in his water bottle) MMM! This is going to be so refreshing.

A: Compared to the poor woman I met having her fourth at the end of August, my belly's actually pretty small, even though I'm measuring right on.
R: (sincerely) That's SMALL?
A: (laughing) Oh, you're going to pay for that.

B: And... excuse me. It stinks, I'm just warning ya.
A: Ew. It DOES stink. Why do your toots stink so bad?
B: Because I'm a boy, and boy's toots stink badly.

R: Welcome home! Would you like us to come over this afternoon and bring pizza for dinner?
A: Of course! And let's be clear: I ALWAYS want that. You don't even need to bother asking.

R: My dream last night: You had a boy. You didn't name him for months. The world hated you for it and you didn't care.
A: Sounds about right.

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Grammie Perrine said...

I love Eric Smith too! And your family...great glad you brighten my days.