Wednesday, June 6, 2012

39 weeks today

I have to preface my phone calls with "I'm not in labor," thereby disappointing those whom I'm calling. Didn't realize that would be necessary until the last two personal calls I made, where both friends wanted to know if I needed them to come be with Blake so we could go to the hospital.

Sadly, no. Not yet.

We had another doctor's visit today, with no real change to report. Baby is still head down (yay!), I'm 1.5 (maybe 2) cm dilated, but the baby is still rightupthereundermyribcage. Doc mentioned induction as an option after 40 weeks, but also pointed out that he didn't think a scheduled induction would really be my cuppa tea.

"No, not really, but I may feel completely differently if I'm back here again next week."

I've transferred most of my work duties by now, so I'm reaching the point of being almost... bored. I'm keeping up with housework and my physical therapy exercises and have done a bang-up job of staying on top of meals and such (we've eaten very well this week, thank you very much!), but it's hard to commit to anything further than a few hours out because I just don't know! And I'm getting more and more eager to meet this baby and know boy or girl and generally get on with THAT part of life. Of course, now that everyone is back in state and my bags are packed and all, I'll go long and end up giving my sweet Momma quite the birthday present of a grandbaby on June 17.

BUT: It's the last day of school tomorrow, which means ice cream for all, Blake's choice. I get to go pick up the plants I intend to put in the beds around the house in the next few days. Our neighbor is not only loaning us her tiller, she's doing the tilling for us because she's had a stressful week and WANTS TO (I love her and will be baking her a pie). Sod is being delivered on Monday.

And I'm off for a walk with my beloved, in the hopes that the gentle movement encourages downward movement by the baby to where I have the cute-but-not-cute pregnancy waddle.