Monday, June 11, 2012

guess what?!

Despite being content not to learn the sex of the baby, I'm totally not a patient person! Every night I go to bed and pray that this would be the night, maybe contractions could wake me just like it happened with Blake, and every morning I wake up and growl obscenities that I won't put into print.

At least, not today. Maybe I will by Friday if I still haven't met this little biscuit!

Had to change my RSVP for one of my best friend's bridal shower/tea from coming to not coming. It makes me sad that I won't be able to see her look of shock and horror when she opens my gift, but I'm sure she'll tell me all about it via phone, if she deigns to ever speak to me again. Maybe we'll set it up so I can be there via Skype!

Rob and I are trying nearly everything to get labor started naturally, but I draw the line at castor oil - not for the taste, but for the effects. Yes, it can bring on labor hard and fast, but if your body's not ready, you can still end up pushing for eight hours (the experience of one friend) or have five hours of hard contractions that go away and leave you still pregnant for a MONTH (the experience of another friend, who tried it at 37 weeks). Eeps! Balancing letting it happen naturally against the chances of an enormous baby also freak me out. My mother's advice: stop eating.

She is so helpful!

In totally unrelated news, Rob and friends are laying sod today, and the front yard looks AMAZING! I'm so excited! I'm helping by staying out of the way and keeping the fellas fed and watered. I did buy some perennials and shrubs this past weekend, so I might see about getting some of our topsoil/compost blend in the beds around the house so I can get those in the ground. Pics to come, once there's something to show for it all.

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