Saturday, August 18, 2012

a new look

I redesigned it here (obviously). Would love some feedback. Do you like it? Loathe it? Are things easy to find again or too hard? Play around with the button on the upper left - you can change the way my site looks yourself!

At a minimum, I'll try to update the background a bit more often. I've also been trying to post more pictures - those seem popular! I still have Vesper's birth story to chronicle, just in time for school to start and a whole new set of stories to filter in as Blake adjusts to a new school and we adjust to more parenting on the fly:

"Blake, I got a call from your teacher, and you can't moon kids at school. I know I'm laughing - it's kind of funny! But not at school. At school it's bad. Keep it at home please. You can stop mooning me now."


gailzee said...

I love it... thanks Addie! Glad to hear your feeling better! Blake, have fun at school! Mooning or not!

Unknown said...

I think I like Classic the best. But I also like snapshot, if I were looking for pics. I love new things. New design things, especially!