Friday, August 17, 2012

that's what he said

B: Vesper is gonna love sushi cuz I do. I get my loving sushi from my Dad, I'm pretty sure.
A: What about me?
B: You got it from Dad too.

B: (after a huge piece of sushi went down the hatch) Mmm. This is almost like paradise.

B: I really liked Jacob and the girl and the other boy.
A: Cassie and Bryce.
B: Yeah. Cassie couldn't run as fast as me though.
A: That's the thing about boys and girls. First, she's a little bit younger than you, and second, God designed us so that boys are often faster and stronger than girls, but not all the time.
B: Because boys get all the muscles and girls get all the prettiness.
A: Uh... sure. But what about me? I'm faster than you.
B: Because you're old. Or big. Probably both.

B: Vesper is so cute when she's awake!

B: Vesper is so cute when she's asleep!

B: I love my baby sister.
R: You know, when you are both bigger, you're going to have to scare off all the boys that want to be her boyfriend.
B: (chuckling) Noooo. You're just teasing me.
R & A: No, we're serious.

A: Hard to go wrong with bratwurst for dinner. Doesn't everything go better with bratwurst?
R: Or bacon.
A: Mmm, yes. Or sausage. You know, skip hunting wild game and start hunting pigs. That would be all we'd need.
B: I'm pretty sure it's against the law to shoot other people's animals.
A: (sighing) I GUESS.

A: Want some zucchini bread?
B: Do I like it?
A: I don't know. Want to try a bite?
B: Yes. (takes a tiny bite) Oh, yes please! Yum!
A: Ok, just let me put some cream cheese on it and here you go!
B: Um, why is there a bite taken out of it?
A: Are you kidding?

He was not.

(at bedtime)
B: I can't use the ice packs because I just put them away so they aren't cold yet. But I'm too hot.
A: Well, take off your shirt. Here, take off the sheet, too.
B: I'll take off my shirt, but I want the sheet. It makes me feel protected.
A: Is that why you're surrounded by a fortress of five pillows?
B: Yes.

Dr O: (regarding my knee) It's a fluke. A postpartum fluke that happens occasionally.
A: But Dr. M (the rheumatologist) said he doesn't see flukes. They don't happen in his field.
Dr O: To be fair to him, he probably doesn't see many pregnant women either.

R: (at 12:30 am, via email chat) Why are you still awake? Why aren't you in bed?
A: My resolve to go to bed early weakens so badly at 11:00 pm, but at 11:00 am I'm very strong.
A: But I'm eating chips!

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