Tuesday, September 25, 2012

bobbin' and bangin'

After last Sunday night's debacle of non-rest (I was a ZOMBIE on Monday), Vesper has largely slept through the night. Miracle! Blake is still wrestling with nightmares and spent the majority of those nights on the floor at the foot of our bed, but he's pretty good about not waking us when he creeps in. I remember having the same struggles about this age, so I'm inclined towards patience and encouragement and maybe another nightlight to help him through.

I also got a haircut. About ten inches off in all, and I have bangs again. My whole head feels lighter, and an additional benefit about the shorter length is that all the hair falling out post-pregnancy (it's a thing... a gross, drawn-out, yucky thing) is that much easier to deal with. And I can hide the "oh my gosh, IS THAT A BALD PATCH?" parts a little more easily.

I'm going to look like a Troll doll when the lost stuff starts growing back in. I can hardly wait.

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lanerdoo said...

Super flattering. I'm partial to short hair as you know. I'm also partial to your face.