Monday, September 17, 2012

that's what he said

I got home from a quick errand to find Vesper in a new outfit.

R: She had a major blowout up her back.
A: Did it make it to her hair?
R: (incredulous look, probably thinking "It can get to HER HAIR?!")
A: Sometimes it's so bad you just cut the clothes off and hold the kid under the shower to rinse off.
R: (horrified, dazed look)
A: You did great.

A: I wish I had your stomach. It's all flat and toned. (sigh)
B: What's your stomach like?
A: Jelly. I just had a baby and haven't exercised the muscles yet.
B: Well, and I eat healthy.
You want my stomach? I want your nose. (runs over, grabs my nose, and runs off) GOTCHER NOSE!

B: (stretching out on his bed) Mom, look at how tall I'm getting.
A: (wistfully) I know it. You're huge. You used to be this little bundle I'd haul around, just like Vesper. You and me. You were my tiny little buddy, and now look at you! I can hardly pick you up any more, you're such a big guy. What am I going to do with you?
B: (wrapping his arms around my neck and snuggling in) Well it's a good thing we can still love on each other.

And then I cried every time I told this story, because he was being perfectly sincere and completely serious.

A conversation I have not witnessed, but one I'm confident has taken place:

B: Vesper, we need to team up. Mom is far too on her game. We need her past any exhausted tears into simple resignation.
V: I'm in.
B: You keep her up until midnight or so (but let's be honest, she usually does that to herself), then I'll come in at 2:30 after a nightmare. You're on again at 4:00, no later than 4:30, and make sure you're tuned up good and loud so she can't pretend she doesn't hear you.
V: For sure. I can eat about then too, so that works for me.
B: I'll sleep at the foot of their bed, just to be sure you're keeping up your end of the deal. She has to get up with me at 7:00 for school, so for bonus points, go ahead and act like you're up for the day around 6:20 - too far ahead of her alarm clock to feel good, but just close enough so that she'll never get back to sleep. Make sure you're really cheerful and chatty, so she can't be mad.
V: Diabolically brilliant.
B: We'll have her eating our of our hands in no time.
V: Wait... she already does that for me.
B: You're playing the long game here, V. This one's for me, but I'll totally be there for you when she gets all tough in your direction.

This all occurred last night. I would take a nap when she does this afternoon, but I have to put her down to sleep in her car seat so we can go pick Blake up from school together (without disturbing her sleep too much). I think they are winning, but I haven't cried today. Yet. The day is young.


Noel said...

I've been absolutely AWOL lately. I'm in a new memoire workshop and I'm so busy that I can't see straight. I took a minute to get caught up on your blog today and find you so delightful. You seem to have such a great attitude, I'm so happy for you and the way life is going for you right now. I love you so much and miss, miss, MISS you. xo -N

Grammie Perrine said...

As Blake says.... well, it is a good thing that you can all still love on each other. Sending big hugs and a prayer for cooperative and sleepy kids.