Thursday, September 13, 2012

one big recessive gene pool

After two women who will not be named warned me of the dangers of NOT giving Vesper a bottle ("My daughter is 18 months. When I tell her it's time to stop nursing, she just grunts 'Uh-uh.' I haven't been anywhere without her since she was born."), I came straight home and pumped a bottle for Rob to give her. She took right to it and was PISSED OFF when he stopped halfway through to burp her.

 Sweetly sleeping bebe. Her hair gets lighter every time I wash it, and I've hopes for a redhead with curls!

 Mom came up for a grandie fix, and we spent some leisurely time on Reese's front porch. Gunnie and VB are largely unaware of each other, until we force the issue.

 Two of my favorite girls. Vesper is obviously filling out (as one friend kept saying, "What a HEALTHY baby!" ... yeah, I hear you, calling my kid fat.), and her cheeks and double chin are awfully kissable!

Vesper, 2012: "Uh, Grammie? Why are my pants on my head? Is this a necessary part of changing my diaper?"

Blake, 2005: "Apparently, yes. I don't think she can help herself."

Morning snuggles are pretty sweet. Right up until she spits up on MY side of the bed.

Me, circa 1980. Rob sees a resemblance, but I think he's just trying to make me feel better about producing children that are little carbon copies of their fathers. Maybe in the nose... which is not good news for the poor girl!


lanerdoo said...

I think Audrey looks more like you than Vesper, but just you wait. I'm sure she'll come around. I dig the pics :)

Unknown said...

Where did you come up with the pic of mr Blake so long ago. Amazing ! I love the pics too

Catherine said...

Love the pictures!

Grammie Perrine said...

Loving all the baby pix... and the abundant love that flows like water thru your words and photos.

Molly said...

Oh, she is cute. Fortunately, we know what a female Rob looks like from his sisters, and if the Myers genes continue to not be so strong with this one, I'm pretty sure she'll still turn out okay.

Hillary said...

Whether your children look like their fathers or not, they are still beautiful. She may just have your eyes, but it is a little hard to tell as she is so "healthy". And I love it!!!!!!