Saturday, October 27, 2012

a few rando pics before I move on to the really good stuff

 Rob got a Kegerator, and I got fat. Seriously, there is no accountability with this thing in the garage. When I'm drinking from a 12-pack, I generate empties and think, "Ok, time to be done!" When I'm able to just pour a pint and when Rob brews damn good beer? Well, I say "Thank you sir, I'll have another!"

Last pic of the Huns this season. They have gotten shy and only come around when the light is poor. Maybe we'll still have a flock in the neighborhood this winter and they'll stand out better. For killer cat predation. Maybe they should migrate after all.

 Everyone made it to Billings for Audrey's dedication and my Grammie's visit, and this is the ONLY photo I got. All the grandies in one place was pure wonder. Chaos. Whatever. You can't see Sawyer, in the corner of the shower by Blake, and I think even Jetty got in there after I snapped this pic. The lesson from this? My parents have a BIG ASS shower, and I really should take more pictures.

Finally, this was taken from the east side of our house, facing the Bridgers, to show how bad the smoke was for most of August (yes, I'm that far behind in pics). I'd take another photo to show you what you SHOULD see in this (mountains in the entire left background), but the cloud cover has been too low lately. Also, I am lazy. And I'm writing this at 11:00 pm. There are lots of reasons, really.

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Grammie Perrine said...

Love the naked cousins pix! So dang adorable!