Monday, October 29, 2012

so much love, and yet i keep thinking, "this is just a precursor to shingles"

Vesper loved Aunt Ernie, and Aunt Ernie loved her right back!

Two pretty girls.

We went to the hay bale maze (not easy with a stroller, even a small one - I should have seen THAT coming!), and Grammie Gee graciously indulged all of Blake's requests. Cotton candy...

The bungee trampoline...

Scarecrow pictures... 

Ok, a serious one this time!

"This is what I think of serious pictures!"
Also, look at that snow on the mountains. What a lovely place we are privileged to call home!

These kinds of props don't work from a side angle. Or with your hands draped over the front. Or a "ANOTHER PICTURE?!" frowny face.

Vesper was not impressed, but WAS awfully cute in a pretty new hat!

< The best pic of the corn pit. We found corn in his pockets for days, and then found more in the car.

Blake got his hands on Ernie's sunglasses and struck a rock star pose. >
Terribly fuzzy, but Dan-O was a great sport and gave Vesper a bottle so I could continue doing whatever it was I was doing. Possibly drinking my own bottle of... something.

During the in-law visit, we had Vesper baptized. Side story about that: neither Rob nor I are from an "infant baptism" tradition. In fact, quite the opposite, where baptism is an outward expression of inward faith. HOWEVER, both of our positions on this have shifted, become more malleable, and rather than seeing baptism as something an individual does for God, we see it as something God does for the individual. Also, we are members of a church which practices baptism (but not dedication - in their view, a dedication is merely a dry baptism), and we submit to their authority. Finally, I have more thoughts/feelers on this, but that's the snapshot for those of you thinking "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!" If you're curious, just ask. I'm happy to have a dialogue about it!

Rob's folks came through town before the baptism, on their way through towards the eastern half of the U.S., but were unable to stay. My folks came up for the splashing and lunch (though were cheerful and frank in their "Oh, we don't believe in infant baptism. As far as we're concerned, it was merely a damp dedication."). Margie, Steve and Patsy, and Dan and Erin are all big Blake's family, and it was so special to have them join us as well.

Vesper is more patient than Blake is at waiting. For now.

He loves her so. It warms my heart, and she smiles and coos extra big just for her brother. I hope they will be fast friends and that not too many LEGOs are ingested on the way to that goal.

Pastor Bryan included some kind words, sharing what I had told him about living my own version of Joel 2:25 "I will repay you for the years the locusts have eaten." God promised me abundance while I was a grieving widow, and He made it very clear to me that His abundance would include another husband and more children. I just didn't know when. I had to constantly remind myself that Yahweh was not late, a truth I had inscribed on a ring that I wore faithfully, right up until Rob and I had it melted down to be incorporated into his wedding band. Vesper has been a sweet answer to so many of my tear-stained prayers. It was a joy to be able to share that answer with my Rob, my Blake, my actual family, my married-into family, and my church family. I got choked up more than a few times during the weekend, for the richness of it all. And I cried through the entire baptism, which is why I look so puffy (at least, that is what I am claiming, because otherwise I look like was stung by bees all over my face!).

"That was fun! Let's do it again!"

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Grammie Perrine said...

You look BEAUTIFUL..and not in the least "bee stung"... So happy for your HAPPINESS!