Sunday, November 11, 2012


To tide over the grandies and anyone else far away yet near and dear. This sweet little biscuit charms us daily. Vesper only really cries when something is wrong, and if you fix it, she stops crying. She rarely even cries in protest when it's bedtime, just rolling to her side, pulling the blankie up over her face, and sucking her thumb, as if to say, "Thank goodness, you FINALLY put me down! I love sleep." She likes to stand and bounce in your lap and is starting to get the hang of the Johnny Jump-Up, though she's still small enough to slip halfway out one of the leg holes. Blake loves to sit on the floor and help her gently bounce.

She's more serious than I think a baby should be, and you have to work pretty hard to get her to laugh, though she is free and delightful with her smiles. Rob and I are hopeful that more giggles will come, otherwise we'll experience eye-rolling and disdain for our goofy humor at a much earlier age than I'm mentally prepared for. She loves bath time, and kicks and splashes and propels herself up and down the tub surprisingly well, paying no heed to water in her eyes or ears or mouth. We've had to start clipping her into things, as she's very close to rolling over, and I caught her half flipped out of her swing tonight. She kept whining unusually, and I came around the counter to find her on her side in the swing, legs nearly dangling, a bit "What the heck just happened?" in her demeanor.

We're about at a pretty big transition, too, from bassinet in our closet all the way across the house to her own bedroom, in a crib. She nearly fills the bassinet, sleeps pretty much through the night most nights, and has done really well sleeping long and hard when I've put her in her room for some practice sessions in the new digs. I think I'd like to paint the walls well before I move her, but at the rate she's growing, I may not have time!


Kayla Powell said...

Ask Vesper what her skin-secret is? That face is magnificent and glow-y! I think I should snuggle her.

Grammie Perrine said...

P R E C I O U S!

Laurie said...

I can't believe I still haven't met Vesper yet. Plus we haven't seen your new home! I am glad you are able to do what you want to by staying home. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!