Monday, November 19, 2012

snapshot of what it's like to parent a 7-year-old boy

So, I don't fault Lifetouch: they are cruising through hundreds of kids a day for school pictures. It's hard to make sure that each and every child takes a really great photo. Ok, I sort of blame Lifetouch. Based on the pics I've gotten of Blake, I'm pretty sure they don't even try. I mostly blame Blake, because he DEFINITELY doesn't try. The below all took place in a 10- to 15-minute span the other day. There are a few good smiles early on, but I realized that the line of the porch went straight through his head, so I had to reposition and try again. Just... just start scrolling.

I had to enlist Rob's help.

Ta da! Finally, something I can WORK with. At least, as all the previous photos show, I had a willing participant. That is, he was willing to have his photo taken, but only on HIS terms, the squirrelly little monkey butt.

After looking more closely at all of these, I might actually like photo 7 best, line through his head or not!

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lanerdoo said...

I vote 6 or 7! He is a cute monkey butt :)