Monday, December 31, 2012

that's what he said

Blake bought Minecraft for the iPad with some of his Christmas money.

B: This house is sure taking a long time to build.
A: Is it?
B: It is time-consuming, yes.

A: Merry Christmas! I need a Sawyer hug!
S: (slyly) Noooo... I need an ADDIE hug!

(Talking smack while playing Battleship with Aunt Bethany)
B: You'll never find my twosie, which is my brig, but I'll find yours EASILY.

B: Did you feed her?
A: Not yet. She's getting hungry because it's almost lunch time.
B: Well, I think that time is now.

(After instructing him on where to put certain things in his room, such as his numerous piles of various LEGO creations and loose special bricks)
B: Mom, since it's my room, why can't I put things where I want to have them?
A: That is a valid question. Do you dust?
B: No.
A: Do you vacuum?
B: No.
A: When you do those things and do them well, you can put whatever you want wherever you want in your room, because you'll have to move it all to do your chores. Until then, it might be YOUR room, but it's MY house, and I need your help to get those things done. Speaking of, you still need to clean your bathroom mirror off after you pretended you were a machine gun and sprayed it down with tiny spit drops.
B: Gross.

A: I think I'm going to make a bowl of caramel corn after I finish vacuuming. Will you help me eat it?
B: Of course.
Call on me to help you eat caramel corn. Always call on me, Mom.