Thursday, January 3, 2013

happy christmas!

More photos from my mom. After my folks spent Christmas day and had dinner with us and the Schuyler family, she commented that neither Reese nor I had pulled a camera out. We both protested that we take more photos of the day-to-day events, but that in the midst of the chaos of "special" days, it's hard to do.

Mom, that's why we have you!

Day-to-day photo by me: Blake's school Christmas program.

Christmas day at the kids' table! Grammie brought small Coca-Colas for the small boys. I think Blake is the only one who polished his off.

Reese made a birthday cake for Jesus, we sang, and the boys helpfully blew out candles. Sawyer was going to help her add sprinkles after frosting it, but the sprinkles were still sealed, so I helped him open it while Reese warmed the frosting to make it more spreadable. I turned around to catch him in the midst of dumping the whole jar onto the half-frosted cake. Reese totally saved the day and didn't even snap at him - she's sort of my parenting hero right now.

Gunny-boy is clapping! He brings joy wherever he goes, because he is a smiler with dimples. 

Vesper and Grammie.

Our new trap for visitors: JustDance4. So far, we've managed to rope almost everyone into playing, and so far, almost everyone has enjoyed it. Winning!

Grammie and her grandies.

Blake schooling Papaw in Battleship. The little stinker IS alarming good at finding the "twosie," which makes him a formidable foe.

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