Friday, January 18, 2013

that's what he said

First of all, I want to reiterate what she said. All of it. Except the part where Reese confesses to being a fire-breathing dragon, because honestly, I never see that. I have singed all our children (hers, too) with my own temper, and I regularly admire her aloud for her seemingly endless patience and kindness to her children. She is probably just being transparent for me, but all the stuff she says about our sweet Momica? Yep. True. In fact, I feel badly for Lane, even though I know she loves Coeur d'Alene, because she's that much farther from the help that Reese and I get to count on.

And on we go...

Blake handed me a small photo card of a yellow Lab, which indicated (on the back) it was something American Girl produced. I have no idea where he got it, but he brought it home from school. He probably stole it from a little girl.

B: This is for you, Mom.
A: Thank you! What do you think I should do with it?
B: Hmm. I think you should put it on the wall in your bedroom. Next to your light.
A: Well, it would be pretty lonely. I don't have ANYTHING on the walls in the bedroom. Where else could I put it?
B: How about I put it on your nightstand, next to your alarm clock? Then you can look at it before you go to bed and when you get up.
A: Um, ok.

That conversation was at least two months ago. I took this photo two minutes ago:

B: (immediately after finishing dinner) Done! I don't want dessert tonight. I'm too full.
A: (stunned) Wha-???
B: (arms thrown wide, sly grin) Well, you don't ALWAYS get dessert, it's a special treat!

He then scampered off and hid because I was coming to get him, still amazed that my sugar-loving kid drew a healthy boundary for himself, and that he used a perfect blend of cheek in his humor and defense. I love that boy.

B: Mom, can I take a picture?
A: Sure. Here's the button you push.

 Hi, Vesper!

 Mom, look what I did to Vesper's rabbit!
He's just chillin'...

Say "cheese," Mom!

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