Monday, May 20, 2013

monthly rabbit tossing

I just offloaded over a month of photos and video from my camera. Then I edited the photos. Now I'm going to bed, but not before leaving you with evidence of months 10 and 11. Vesper will be one year in about three weeks, and it's blowing my mind. Her face seems to change daily. She's finally started crawling and does it best when unhindered by pesky clothing. Her skill at navigating the hardwood floor in her walker is impressive, and if she's in it, she's either hovering around your ankles or chasing Blake. It's very inconvenient for her when he's at the table, doing homework. She rolls right up to his leg and waits there, chattering at him, like a puppy that wants to play. He'll push her away (both in play and to rearrange his chair), and she just scoots right on back, gazing up at him, waiting for him to zing her around the room, play hide-and-seek, or race her with another wheeled toy.

He has adapted his request for another sister to include a brother as well. "It's only fair," he reasons, with no earthly clue why I'm nonplussed by the idea. She's plateaued with two teeth, little interest in most food that would require effort (purees only, please), and is quickly weaning herself (but doesn't want any substitute that's not diluted apple juice). You'll see from her chubby cheeks, though, that she doesn't seem to be missing anything yet!

Blake is behind me, helping engage/distract her for the ten-month session.


Then Blake wanted a turn and quickly got a picture of the wild-eyed lady trying to elicit smiles from a baby. This picture kind of freaks me out.

Photo by Blake. It would be perfect, except that you cannot see the bunny.

And my little punkins together. Ten months / eight years. My friend Keli was right: the days are long, and the years are short.

Eleven months. "Oh, THIS again."

Blake was not around to distract.

She was determined and a little bit evil.


Bunny down! We have a bunny down!


gailzee said...

Oh my stars Addie...She is beautiful and looks more like her big brother all the time...what a happy surprise for me rarely disappoint me by not having something new to read and look at! That picture of you is awesome...shows your impeccably beautiful teeth! I love you and yours! Thanks!

Grammie Perrine said...

Aunt Gail's post...DITTO...

Reese said...

Oh, this post made me giggle. Very cute. Love that girl...and all you Bedfords.