Tuesday, May 28, 2013

that month's worth of pictures isn't going anywhere!

You ready? I'll break the 40 or so pics into a few days, and then... VIDEOS! But first, I am going to make myself a cup of coffee.

Molly, JR, and Lili came up for a visit (Tito stayed at home with a grammie), and we let our babies look at each other. It is such fun to experience motherhood at the same time as people that I love... I got started so early, and then I was afraid I would be too late to the game, and look at that! God's timing is perfect.

My little violet.

One of my very dearest friends got married! And in a wondrous turn of events, I knew her husband from back when I did a five-week turn in Los Alamos, NM! The world is so small, except that it is NOT, but God is sovereign and makes a mockery of coincidence. Here, V gives T her blessing by way of a mildly concerned look, as in, "You sure about this guy?"

V may have a point...

I love these two. They are delightful. Rob took a bunch more "normal" pics, but I don't have those yet, and they aren't nearly as fun. Funny? Whatever.

This just after Vesper spit up down my dress. At least it was mine, not T's!

Gosh, I like you. You're nice. Am I laying it on too thick?

And on that note...


Andie Davenport said...

GASP!! T got married! That's so totally wonderful!!! YAY! Give her my love!

Momica said...

What happy pictures! Fun to see you and Tara together in fun and lightheartedness. Thanks for getting them public.