Monday, June 3, 2013

does it get any better than "awkward fun?"

 Some friends came up for the night, and we went on a hike. V was entranced by the new sights, smells, and touches. Rob was nonplussed about hiking, period.

 It's not what it looks like (us laughing at a crying baby)...

 ... really...

 ... she's laughing.

 Little spinach smile on my salad-loving buddy. Rob was not available for comment.

 All three of us girls managed to get to Billings for a night. Three daughters, nine grandkids, and it was pure chaos. This is Smitty and Papaw, burning dinner.

Double dose of blue-eyed beauty! Gunner G is Reese's one blue-eyed boy, and he looks so small because he's two or three feet behind Vesper. It's an optical illusion that makes my baby look ENORMOUS!

Throwbacks - I already posted these (and others) on Facebook, but I have friends who see this blog that aren't on the FB (stay strong, Jordans!). Thought you might enjoy the awkward fun!

 First day of school, backpacks and perms at the ready.

 My first hunting trip. I remember being particularly pleased with my bangs that day. Ah, thirteen... 
I don't miss you one bit.

Spirit days at school! (Spirit week: a full week of a different theme each day for homecoming.) One friend mused that I "do nerd" well, and Rob snickered.
R: Yeah, you do. You REALLY do.
A: Are you still talking about the picture?
R: (wicked laugh)


Grammie Perrine said...

Cannot tell you how much I love the 1st day of school pic! oh...and the Nerd Day pic...oh, and all the rest of the pix!

Molly said...

"I remember being particularly pleased with my bangs that day." That line belongs in a movie.