Wednesday, November 13, 2013

it is well with my soul

Though we had hoped to make a joyful announcement of another Bedford joining our family, unfortunately, we've received confirmation that we've lost this wee-est of babies. And the reason I'm telling you all like this is because miscarriage is shockingly common and shockingly quiet... but I have never been quiet about anything. God is ushering us through a season of disappointment, tears, and pain, and we are praying expectantly for hope-filled tomorrows. He has been replacing my "what ifs?" with "even ifs" - "What if this pregnancy isn't viable?" into "Even if this pregnancy isn't viable, God is still good and we trust Him with our lives." Each child is a miraculous gift from God, and we now have two in the arms of Jesus. I am excited to meet them. And once the narcotics wear off, I will be having a glass of wine in their honor. Love to all, and we're so grateful for all the love being lavished upon us.

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gailzee said...

oh Ad and Rob,
I am so sorry.