Wednesday, June 11, 2008


  • having a warm home on a crappy weather day
  • being ahead of the curve on work - that NEVER happens!
  • counting down to D.C. for family, possibly friends (we might get to see some), and unseasonable warmth
  • friends calling me with garden questions
  • Reese & Naomi letting me run the garage sale - because being in charge brings me a natural high, similar to heroin
  • Blake solving the "how should I take the band-off, now that we've gotten it on" question by taking it off himself...when asked if it hurt, he shook his head and said "Only a little bit."
  • "Good night...(hug)'re my sweet boy."
  • "Yep, and you're my sweet gurl."
  • getting to be the best lady in one of my best friend's weddings
  • having said friend know and care about the fact that I hate the word "matron," even though it's HER wedding, and she can do whatever she wants


Anonymous said...

What a little Man he is looking like these days!
Did you see Billings was on the Today show for being 20 degrees below normal temp?! Crazy man. (also Bozeman is in the new Food & Wine magazine, which I think is fun :)


Catherine said...

Blake looks like he is about 5 years old in that new picture! Augh! Also, I have a popcorn popper if you every need to borrow one in an emergency (the stove-top kind). Even have popcorn to go with it, and it's not expired!