Wednesday, July 23, 2008

until i have more time

I had a very erratic day, full of ups and downs...but until I can compose a post about it and a response to the crying jag post, here's a little something that delighted me and made me giggle this morning:

Ode to Addie's Blueberry Jam

Oh, Blueberry jam, how delicious you are.
Simple, but bursting with flavor

your jelly goodness greatly improves my toast,
my english muffin, my bagel.

How do blueberries taste like sunshine?
How did you jar the flavor that is cool berries?

They must have given themselves up to you
in appreciation of the jam they were to be

much better to be Addie's
then in some silly pie

The End

(Can you guess the author?)


Joy Joy said...

I would have to guess Aubyn, she is full of wittiness and charm.

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing Molly.

Molly said...

My first thought was Aubyn. I can assure the anonymous guesser that they're wrong, though I'm flattered to be thought of!

Lindsey K said...

my guess is Reese.....she can come up with those types of ditties once in a while :)

Reese said...

Not guess is Aubyn, definitely Aubyn.

aubyn said...
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