Monday, October 20, 2008

easy there, mater

Call off the hounds! The friends who expressed the tiniest bit of hesitation over my kissing pictures are still very much okay in my book. Please do not malign them - I know their hearts are in the best place, and I just want to be sensitive to them while being true to myself.

I'm sure lots of folks are uncomfortable with my taste in humor or in blue language, and while I want to be sensitive to that too, well, sod off.
It's so charming how a garbage pail full of urine-filled Pull-Ups can make my whole house smell like an uncleaned hamster cage.

And by charming, I mean revolting.
Happy birthday, Reese! I forgot to mention Lane's on here (it was the 14th), but I can only remember so much these days. We're on the way out to drop off Reese's prezzie.


Rob Bedford said...

Parent-hood is SO romantic!

... .. . :-P

Andrea said...

You say what you mean and mean what you say...LOVE that!! Lol!