Saturday, October 18, 2008


Me and one other friend (that I know of) were shocked and somewhat amused by the fact that my friend Jody used the term "cold-hearted bitch." Yes, she was repeating my words, but this is JODY. She just doesn't use language like that. I can only assume that I have succeeded in corrupting her, despite not seeing her nearly enough.

She's so lucky to have me. Hi Jody!
For those curious, I have no plans to change the name of my blog any time soon, despite the apparent dissolution of my cynical side as I convert to full-on softie... but we'll see.
Apparently more than one person isn't entirely comfortable with my one kissing photo. I'm not sure why, so I'm not sure how to address it. Are they pretending to be uptight? That word does NOT describe these folks. Are they affected by seeing me kiss someone other than big Blake, whom they knew and loved? If so, I do want to be sensitive to that, but how? Just not post those particular photos that warm my heart and make me (and others) smile? I'm open to advice on this, and if you're not comfortable posting it in the comments section, please email me. This one is a head scratcher, and I'm navigating unknown waters!


Jody McComas said...

Addie you make me laugh! And no we don't spend enough time together or you would know that I sometimes say naughty things ;) We should hang out soon.

lanerdoo said...

I say post away. No one can doubt your love for big Blake, and after several long and grievous years you are more than entitled to love again. If someone is hung up on that, they need to take a look at their own hearts as to why they wouldn't want you to have the giddy, love-filled life that a young stunner like yourself deserves....but I don't really have an opinion on the matter ;)

Anonymous said...


This is my take...hope you don't mind. You have had time to prepare yourself for the 'kissing' and intimate moments through phone conversations, being around him, emails, etc. So, when that moment arrived, you were ready in a sense. All of the other people are getting used to it as of seeing the picture. It might take a little bit as I'm sure it did you. DON'T stop posting pictures like that. It won't be long and it will be no big deal. You rock and don't stop showing how happy you are.


Ashley said...

Addie this is your blog and anyone who chooses to read it chooses to enter into your world and see it from every angle you provide. When you're head over heels happy, the last thing you should have to worry about is protecting others. I say post the pictures, all of them, in every form. It's you, it's who you are and it's what's happening in your life...And you deserve to shout your happiness from the tops of the mountains.

(I think this is my first time posting a comment but I've been lurking on your blog for a while...I'm Ashley, Sam's cousin and I know we've met a few times. I just couldn't help but keep reading your blog after once peeking at it...I love your stories and I'm beyond happy for you. Being closely connected to Sam and all that has happened has made me feel closer to you even though we've never spent time together...I hope it's okay I read) ;)

Addie said...

Thanks girls!
I think Marci hit the nail on the head: this might seem really fast to lots of folks who otherwise don't know Rob. They'll come around, and it might take them a little time, but I'm assured of their love for me. I know they trust me, and it's okay for me to give them that time. After all, I don't get many opportunities to even TAKE kissing pictures, and the photos of me spending hours on the phone aren't nearly as fun to post.

Lindsey K said...

Addie I wish you would write a book, I enjoy reading your blog and all you have to say. As for your picture-for most of us that was a prayer being answered and it makes us all very happy to see you lip locked. And I welcome back the Myers' shit eatin grin. Thanks for being one more encouraging Myers
~from Chad (typed by Lindsey)

Anonymous said...

Heh. I echo your sister's statements.

Anonymous said...

Hey Addie...I think we are all SO happy for you, but perhaps Marci did make a seems incredibly fast (to us, on the "outside") to be at that point. But of course every relationship is different...we all arrive at a "kissing level" of intimacy at different points. is thrilling to see you so happy, and to be able to see that in what you write. Carry on!

naomi said...

i agree with lindsey (chad) about you being lip locked with someone is answered prayer for many! no one has to look if they don't want to!

Anonymous said...

just be careful not to bruise your lips!!


Addie said...

Bruised lips are what dark lipstick is for.

I mean, that's what I assume. :)