Monday, November 17, 2008

blah blah blah

I'm eating roasted sweet potato and rutabaga right now. It's very yummy (and sweet/salty). I'm also eating a dip I made with edamame, garlic, cottage cheese, and lime. Also yummy, though better warm, which is weird for a non-cheesy dip. I'm dipping red peppers and bread in it. Deciding whether to drink a glass of wine (unwise in the afternoon) or a beer with it, because water is just so... boring. Plus, I might find out I have a food sensitivity to beer in about a week or so, and ignorance is bliss. I want to indulge all I can before I know what terrible havoc I'm wreaking on my insides.

I'm on three new supplements as of Friday and think I might already be seeing results (or it's placebo effect, but either way, I'm happy). I had blood drawn today, and Blake kept asking the phlebotomist "What are you doing to my mom?" He was all protective and cute - he knows blood - but was mystified by the quantity and how it was flowing into the tube, not down my arm. I couldn't look because I'm back to being rather squeamish about needles and my own blood leakage.

Funny how a woman who has delivered a child through sweat and tears and pain can find the poke of a needle in the arm nearly enough to make her swoon. My heart flutters, I feel light-headed, and it almost makes me gag when they remove the needle. Blake asked the phlebotomist if I was going to turn green, which made us all laugh and broke my concentration on how much I hate having blood drawn. After a little juice, I'm fine, but my arm is sore at the needle sites (I got poked twice). I'm such a BABY.

Mmm, I chose beer. It's yummy too.

Finally, I'm wondering where all my commenters have gone. I know that people read this (my statcounter shows mostly U.S., but here's a shoutout to my regulars in Canada, Kenya, Australia, and the Ukraine), but no one has anything to say? Do I need to be more inflammatory? Post even CUTER sayings by my kid? Post less frequently? I've been trying to post daily, both to keep up with all the stuff floating around my head and coming out of my son's mouth and because I know some people check this place at least that often. I figure you all care enough to read what I'm saying, I'm just not sure WHY. And yes, this is a shameless request for feedback. I'm not too proud to say it.


Anonymous said...


We love your blog and probably check it a bit obsessively! A lot of the Spokane stats are probably from us (although now we can point fingers at some other fine citizens of Spocompton).

Dan and Lindsey Ross

Anonymous said...

Yes, I will never forget being pregnant and having to get the flu vaccine. I nearly had a heart attack from all of the anxiety as I watched the needle approach. It was in that moment that I thought, "This does not bode well for the inevitable child birth that is in my future."

I now have your blog in iGoogle, so I am immediately notified of any updates. I love it and yes, lurk without ever commenting.

Becky W-D

Sharon said...


I just love to read your well-written and lovable thoughts...I do occasionally comment -- Jim R even noticed that I must be reading your blog :) -- and you are on my blogroll with the newest update available at the touch of my mouse. Blessings,

Kate said...

I also obessively check your blog, M-F. Thank you for updating so often, I just love to read all the goings on. :) Your life is just so much more exciting than my own. I'm bummed we'll miss you and Rob at Christmas. Hopefully we'll be in Spokane at the same time this spring.

Anonymous said...


I would comment more often but I feel stalkish-like so I just read all of your funniness. You crack me up! I enjoy you.


naomi said...

i am all over your blog, day and night.

Anonymous said...

I, also, lurk on your blog, um...daily. And share your Blake comments with EVERYONE around me. They love it, really.

Seriously - I devour the stories, so keep 'em coming :)


Jessielynn said...

It's the Kenya contingent, weighing in. =) I appreciate the comments you leave me, so maybe I should reciprocate.

Think of you often and am (obviously) wandering by your blog just as often...