Tuesday, January 13, 2009

hey, out of towners!

I booked room blocks today. You have two choices (so far - I may call a third):

Holiday Inn

Wingate by Wyndham


Both are $85 a night plus 7% tax, and I know from experience that the Wingate has an awesome breakfast. It's where many of my in-laws stay when they come, and Blake loves the hot waffles with strawberries and whipped cream. Also, he points it out any time we go to Costo: "Look Mom! It's Grammie Gee's ho-towel!"

See, I'm making progress! Next up: beer tasting with friends at the Bozeman Brewing Company. How else will I know what I like?

I have to say that getting information out via the internet is just a little bit AWESOME. While we won't skip invitations entirely, I'm awfully tempted. And one of these days: a post about non-wedding stuff. I know. It's exciting.

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