Saturday, January 17, 2009

we have a winner!

Thanks to those who've offered their dresses, used the f-bomb in emails to me (because, as Heather said, my mother isn't reading my email!), or sent me links to pretty dresses from all over the place. I got a good night's rest and spoke to Rob, who helped to clear my bad case of the grumples. I tried on Reese's wedding dress and sent a pic to Rob to get his opinion.

Side note: Because I've had a wedding before, I've gotten to do it all just the way I wanted, for the most part. My dream wedding now is pretty much whatever will please Rob and get our "importants" done. So long as he thinks I look amazing, I feel presentable or even pretty, and we're married by the end of the night, I'm good. We're shooting for simple and big, as silly as that sounds, and everything else to this point has been fun and interesting to plan - I know we'll be skewering the expectations of lots of folks (the DJ, the planner at the Emerson, and our pastor, at the very least). For some reason, the dress part made me lose my shit. Rob, my wedding touchstone, helped me find it again. Seriously, I should marry this guy!

Rob's response to the pic of me in Reese's gown was perfect: "Uhm... Wow. I'd totally go for Reese's... That's amazing! You .... look so hot."

Hurray! Problem solved in a way that didn't make my head explode, I get to wear a gorgeous dress that cost me nothing, and my sweet man thinks I look amazing in it.

Mom and I went to the Emerson so she could see the ballroom and all its accoutrements, and she agreed that it's lovely and will need little by way of decor. We're pulling things together, which is fun and exciting, and Rob's still not scared off by my crazy.

It's been a great day!


Anonymous said...

Rock on girlfriend. That's progress!
becky.. your grumpled missionary

Anonymous said...

looking HOT is COOL

T said...

oh my the missionary comment just sent me over the edge. i totally read that the wrong way. where is my mind?