Saturday, February 21, 2009

blake is special, according to preschool

Last week was Blake's week for the "I am Special" board, and I was given the list of questions below. He got to have a few pictures up on the board, got to bring a special something (his Star Wars book) to school, and got to talk about his answers to the questions.

Name: Blake Morstad
My Favorite Book: Star Wars, 'cause I like the movie
My Favorite Game: Scorpion (A: I have no idea what this is)
My Favorite Toy: Bumblebee Transformer
My Favorite Movie: Transformers
My Favorite Place: In an airplane
My Favorite Song: Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
Things I Can Do: I can do coloring, home-making, watch movies, put on my own clothes and my own jammies, and I don't know.
My Child is Special Because: He is a gift from God! Before his daddy went to heaven, he gave me Blake. And little Blake looks just like his daddy Blake - and he is a blessing in my life.
I'm not sure how Blake talks about his daddy that died. I'm not sure how preschool or his friends handle it when it he does. While the last thing I want to do is have the circumstances of our life frighten small children, I'm also not willing to brush it under the rug. What do you think? Was I suitably upbeat, or is there another way I can approach things of this nature? I guess the truly LAST thing I want to do is ensure that I am forever known as "the widow" and Blake as "the orphan."


Sharon said...


From a mom who's son will be turning the famous '29' this July, these answers will be more poignant year after year...and Blake will probably remember more than a few of them. I always appreciate your candor and trust that the Lord will provide the right opportunity for family discussion if other students have questions or concerns. Have a great weekend,

Rob Bedford said...

FYI Scorpion.

Jess and Eric said...

i think it was perfectly written in a way little ones can understand and not be frightened or confused. and btw, that italian store link you posted has some awesome stuff.