Saturday, March 7, 2009

that's what he said

Hey, Mom, watch my fancy moves.
(posing and cutting eyes over to me while holding said pose)
Is that a fancy move?

B: Hey, Mom, I was upside down on my head.
A: You were?!
B: Yeah, I was so brave for doing that.

A: Take a good nap, and when you wake up, we'll go to Ashley and Parker's house.
B: (gasp) Hey wait, Mom? Um, is Parker a gril or a boy?
A: He's a boy.
B: (gasp) Hey wait, Mom? Um, is Parker a kid?
A: Yes.
B: (gasp) Hey wait, Mom? Does Parker have toys at his house?
A: Um, yes.
B: (gasp) What kind of toys does he have?
A: We'll have to go to find out!
B: (gasp!)

He's really figuring out which questions have the most important answers. I'm so proud. Also, in case you hadn't noticed, Blake mispronounces the word "girls." I replicate it here because it's funny, and attempting to correct him yields "No, I don't want to say it like that. I say it like this: 'grils.' Okay?" Trying to correct the way he pronounces some (but not all) of his "th" sounds gets the same results. And I have to admit that hearing "Look at that! Over der!" is pretty funny and cute, right up until he sees the speech derapist.


T said...

there is a good moment from yesterday not in this post. i'll be looking for it ...

Anonymous said...

Addie - I visit your blog via Burch Perch and I absolutley love getting to know you and Rob and Blake.

On the cusp of your wedding - I thought I would share a "Barneyism" - I used to chide my husband for always choosing Rocky Road whenever we stopped at Baskin and Robbins (which we call Dustin & Hoffman's) - I would say "For criminy sakes, Barney, there are THIRTY-ONE flavors here." His reply - "I like Rocky Road and I stick with what I like.....(pause) Would you like it any other way, Marcia?" And that is what I wish for you - Stick with what you like!

Love from Bing's mom